Tutorial - Make Your Own Balloon Wreath

What better way to add a pop of colour to your party, than through a fun and cool balloon wreath, which adds a focal point to any party.  They can be customised with different coloured balloons, tassels, garlands and pompoms, the list is endless. Put it above your party table or on your front door, to shout out, the party is here!

Once you’ve made one, you’ll be making them for every party occasion you plan. We are going to use a pink happy birthday wreath as an example. Here are my step by step instructions, enjoy!

Pink Happy Birthday Balloon Wreath

Materials Needed:

  • OTW Birthday Girl pack
  • OTW Streamers pack
  • OTW Flamingo Balloon Garland
  • OTW Happy Birthday Garland
  • Cardboard Circle
  • Magic Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • 5” Balloons (approx. 10 multi coloured)
  • Balloon Pump

Step 1: Cut out a circle of approx. 60cm circumference out of the cardboard (Can use old delivery boxes). Then cut an inner circle within it leaving an 8cm width to your circle, forming a wreath shape.


Step 2: Open the OTW Streamer pack and take out the pink streamer, securing the top edge of the streamer with magic tape to the cardboard wreath. Now wrap the pink streamer in and out of the wreath, overlapping the streamer as you go, until the wreath is fully covered and no cardboard is showing. Secure the end in place with magic tape.

Step 3: Inflate all of your 5” balloons. It is important to under-inflate to keep them a nice round shape. Inflate them to a variety of sizes between 2” and 3” in circumference.

Step 4: Open the OTW Birthday Girl pack and take out 2 x tassels and construct as directed by the step by step instructions on the back of the pack.

Step 5: Open the OTW Flamingo Garland pack and take out 4 x Card Flamingos and 4 x 5” Pink Balloons. Using a balloon pump inflate the balloons to 3” and attach via the cross die-cut in the middle of each Flamingo.


Step 6: Start to arrange your balloon Flamingos and 5” multi coloured balloons, building them up on top of each other to create a more 3D look. Do this using the double-sided tape, to securely attach them to the wreath and to one another at either end of the wreath.

Step 7: Take your 2 tassels and wrap them around two of the balloons creating a cascading effect to either side of the wreath.

Step 8: Open the OTW Happy Birthday Garland pack and cut the Garland in half, so you have Happy and Birthday separate. Now attach the Happy Garland to the top back of the wreath with magic tape. Repeat this process for the Birthday Garland to the bottom securing to the back of the wreath with magic tape.

Voila, you now have a very colourful and very fun party wreath, fit for a cool party!

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