Pom Poms - How to Create & Decorate

You may initially think of pom poms and think of cheerleaders, well not quite! Tissue pom poms are a super fun decoration that can liven up your party display! These look great as centrepieces, hung from ceilings or simply clustered on the floor in your home!

Follow this simple step too guide on how to make tissue pom poms:

First select your choice of colours depending on your theme, its best to stick to a maximum of 2-3 colours for the most effective display.

Tie your ribbon tightly around the middle of the tissue fan and leave the long piece of ribbon for hanging.

Gently fan out one half of the tissue pom pom.

Start separating each layer of tissue from the centre, upwards to the middle. Be careful not to tear them!

Repeat until you have separated all the layers on one side.


Once you have finished, separate the tissue layers on the other side of your pom pom until you get a nice even, puffed up pom pom!

Now get creative! Try hanging them against backdrops of crepe paper streamers, fans and garlands – its all about the layering and looks super fun!

Mix your pom poms with a variety of balloons and use your cake to make a real showstopper centrepiece!

Or you can simply cluster together various colours and sizes then scatter them across the floor!

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