Photo Backdrops - The Must Have Party Decoration

Photo backdrops are so fun! A must for any party!

Crepe paper streamers are the ultimate party decoration that brighten up any occasion. They create massive impact, are easy and inexpensive to make. It’s a great way to bring in the colours of a party and to fill in a blank space. They’re perfect for customising, because you can create them as large or as small as you want, and the colours can be tailored to your party theme. For best results, make sure you have a plain wall, with an open space. Masking tape is used to adhere the backdrop to the wall, so there’s no risk of damage to the wall.

This easy DIY crepe paper streamer backdrop, will surely be a hit at your next party!

For a top styling tip try layering up a foil metallic curtain to create an “ on trend “ fringe look.

Simply hang streamers creating  a photo booth backdrop for guests to get fun pictures or as a focal point for a party and cake table.

You can customise the colours of this crepe paper streamer backdrop to your party’s theme, so it can be used for any type of celebration. You can add a metallic curtain to your crepe paper streamers, which you just cut into strands and add to the garland for a bit of extra glam.

To set up the crepe paper streamer and metallic curtain backdrop, you will need;

  • 4-5 Decorative crepe paper streamers in pink and white.
  • 1 Silver foil curtain.
  • Masking Tape.
  • Scissors.

1. Place a long strip of masking tape (sticky side up) along the wall, where the top of your streamer backdrop will be. To secure the masking tape, use another two smaller pieces of tape on either end, as shown in the picture. The long piece of tape needs to have the sticky side facing outwards, so that you can stick the crepe paper streamers to it.

2. Take your first colour crepe paper streamer and stick it on the masking tape.

3. Then take your next crepe paper colour streamer and place it next to the first, overlapping it slightly.

4. Repeat the above with the pattern you wish, until the masking tape is full of different coloured crepe paper streamers.

5. Once you are happy with how your backdrop looks, you can now add in the metallic curtain. Trim sections of the metallic curtain and add a few strands at a time in and amongst the crepe paper streamers. The metallic curtain strands have a shiny surface, so will need attaching with folded masking tape, to keep them in place.

6. Once you’re done, you can trim the metallic curtain and crepe paper streamers, to your desired length.

7. Then stick a long piece of streamer horizontally on the top border, using two pieces of the underside of the masking tape to secure the crepe paper streamer border in place.

8. And there you have it, an amazing crepe paper streamer and metallic curtain backdrop, fit for any party!

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