Festive Activies with Christmas Cheer

We at On The Wall want to wish you a Happy Christmas! And we hope you have a lovely time at home this year.

We hope our little activates have helped you at times in this crazy year. Here are a few more for your little ones to keep occupied for a time in the exciting run up to Christmas day.

learn how to draw the perfect jolly father Christmas with our how to draw video. The finished image looks great on the front of cards!

How to Draw "Father Christmas" - Watch Video

Santa coloured in image

Make yourself and Elf and complete the crossword. Alternatively create your own Gingerbread Man and go on a Christmas scavenger hunt. Whatever you do we hope you have a great Christmas Day! 

Make your Own "Christmas Elf" - Download

Christmas Elf Activity Sheet with Wordsearch

Design your own "Christmas Gingerbread Man " - Download

Gingerbread Man


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