Balloon Arches - How to Create & Decorate

Balloon garlands have been on trend at events and parties for the last 18 months, the best and most inspirational party displays always include a balloon garland. The more formal arches and columns that have adorned many a party have now been replaced by this new breed of contemporary balloon garland. These new modern balloon garlands have serious impact and they are often combining different balloon sizes, textures and styles. Why not take your balloon garland to the next level and introduce paper decorations, foliage and foil curtain strands.

This trend is here to stay and just keeps getting bigger and better, who wouldn't love one of these? They simply look amazing and are so easy to make, you don’t even need helium! The possibilities and combinations are endless, let your imagination and creativity run wild!

So what's stopping you, follow the simple steps below to create your very own amazing balloon garland for any event or occasion.

Making your balloon selection, decide on your theme, coordinating colours to tie in or striking simple blocks of colour to create impact. Choose a range of different sized balloons, personally I prefer using 11 inch balloons and inflating them to different sizes and then focusing on the 5 inch balloons to glue dot into the gaps (don’t worry we’ll get onto that part ☺)  Try using different types of balloons such as metallic, confetti, marble, by doing this it will creates a truly amazing display. The amount of balloons needed depends on how large you would like your garland, but roughly between 60-70 would create a large arch and between 30-40 for a smaller table garland.

There are many techniques to create balloon garlands, the easiest and quickest way I have found is using clear fishing wire and sewing needles.

The balloons have now been inflated and are ready to be threaded through the lip of the balloon. I like to keep the smaller sized balloons to one side to glue into the gaps at the end.  Make sure you leave enough clear wire at your starting point to be able to hang your balloon garland.

Start by using alternate or bundles of colour and size, keep threading your balloons at the lip of the balloon, then continue to push the balloons down the clear wire. Your garland will soon be starting to form.

Now you have used up most of your balloons, tie your clear wire off to secure your balloons in place.  At this point I like to hang the garland in place, this way you can clearly see if there are any gaps

If you have identified gaps in your balloon garland its great to use the smaller 5 inch balloons to fill these spaces up.  The best way to do this is to use your glue dots, attach a few glue dots to your 5 inch balloon and then stick the 5 inch balloon into any gaps.  Repeat this exercise until your happy with your garland.

Now comes the fun, get creative with your balloon garland they are so simple to pimp up to create some real party stopping pizzazz!

We have added our Silver Foil Curtain and Happy Birthday Garland in silver foil .

Try adding some paper decorations to create a real show stopper!

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