Tutorial - How to Make Our Balloon Garlands

Garlands have always been an essential for any party so we’ve developed an exciting twist on this idea. Balloons are trending right now so what better way to bring innovation to a party garland than to add some fun size balloons.

I’ll be taking you through some easy steps to create our new product which will take your party decor to the new level! Balloon garlands are simple to make up yet super effective. We’ve created this product to be versatile so you can get as creative as you like. They look great for both indoor and outdoor parties.


    1. Balloon garland pack - Available to purchase on our Amazon store. Make sure to shop the range!
    2. Balloon pump.



      1. Empty the contents of the pack, take the cardboard attachments and line them up along on the string provided. Make sure they are equally spaced out before sticking down!

      2. Attach the dinosaurs to the string with the seals, leave enough string on either ends so you can hang your garland.

      3. Blow the balloons up with a balloon pump to roughly 5”. Insert the balloons through the die cut slit on the dinosaur attachment and there you have it, your balloon garland is complete!

      Top tip: They also look great hanging downwards, use a couple of packs and create a curtain to add a different look!

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