Throwing a Kid's Party - 5 Easy Steps to Party Success

Hosting a children’s party may feel like a daunting task so why not follow our useful tips and ideas to get you off to a great start.  We’ve kept it simple to follow in these 5 easy steps which will create a fun and exciting kids party experience. 

1. Planning your kids party theme

Children's Party Themes

Whether you have a superhero mad little chap or a party princess picking a theme for your kid’s party should be the fun part!  If you can’t decide or need a little extra inspiration, we always find Pinterest a great place to start.  Browse the latest party trends or themes that your little ones are most interested in and you'll soon find creative ideas perfect for your party.  Don’t stop there though, take these ideas and make them your own.

You can personalise trends you found to suit your party environment, think about how the colours and decorations will fit into your home or venue.  Once you’ve decided on your theme, you can begin to build on these ideas by adding theme driven party games, food and more, but a choosing the right theme will give you the foundation to build from.

2. Choosing the right decorations

Children's Party Decorations

The next step is to select your decorations for your chosen party theme, choose simple yet impactful decoration to fill the space of your party venue.  Our top picks for all types of decorations to dress a children’s party this summer would be:

  • Birthday Girl Pack – This will give you lots of variety including marble balloons, Birthday girl garland, 2 coloured tassel garland and a glitter crown for the birthday girl.
  • Pom Poms - Simple yet effective paper decorations, the kids will love helping fan the pom poms out and these decorations look great hung scattered or displayed on your party table.
  • Balloon Garlands - The dinosaur & flamingo balloon garlands look fab in any setting, they are so effective when made up, and give a 3D look to your party, a real show stopper party must have.
  • Giant Garlands - Our Giant Unicorn & Dinosaur Garlands look simply amazing when displayed, they attract attention with their colourful foil & flitter finish and unique design features.
  • Backdrops – Backdrops are so on trend this season they create a centrepiece to your party, try using a Silver Foil Curtain or layering some Pink Paper Streamers to use as a selfie station or party table backdrop.

3. Planing your party food

Planning Party Food

Keep it simple when planning the food for your party, we all know how fussy kids can be! Linking your food to your party theme is easy and effective to add that wow factor. Invest in themed cookie cutters for sandwiches and choose party food in the same colourings as your party décor.

We recommend finger foods as they are easy to prepare and easy to eat! Pick a selection of sandwiches, vegetable sticks, fruit kebabs, cakes and biscuits. Though we wouldn’t recommend a sugar overload, why not go old school with some jelly & ice cream! If you want to add a little something special to your sweet treats why not pop some “On The Wall” Unicorn Cupcake Toppers & Wraps into and around your cakes.

4. Keeping your little guests entertained

Party games and activities

After you have served your party food it’s great to have a few fun party games planned to keep the kids entertained. There are lots of home-based games that are great to get the party in full swing such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and balloon pass.  However, if you want something a little different why not try one of our “On The Wall” products for a fun alternative party game:

  • Balloon Animals - Kids love balloons so what better way to keep them entertained than to decorate their own balloon, these cute animal balloon faces will keep them entertained.
  • Unicorn & Dinosaur Headdresses - These amazing head dresses are so much fun, kids will love making these as much as they will love playing unicorn and dinosaur dress up.
  • Fun Glasses - Why not choose from our wide selection of fun glasses for the ultimate selfie station, ranging from Unicorn & Mermaid Fun Glasses, Superhero Fun Glasses, Animal Fun Glasses and many more.
  • Unicorn & Dinosaur Games Packs - A one stop shop for your party game needs, the pack includes pin the horn, horn toss game and fun selfie glasses.

5. Send them home happy

party bags and treat bags

Finally, don’t forget to plan your party bags, these will leave a lasting impression of your kid’s party.  No matter what the age they get super excited to receive their party bags at the end of any party so why not tie these into your theme. We love our "On The Wall" make your own Unicorn Party Bags and Dinosaur Party Bags, these are a great way to get the party girl/boy involved as well as offering something different.

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